F007 Rattan Basket with Emporio Leone Products & Teak Coasters

R 650.00

Rattan Basket, Teak Coasters and Biscuits

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Product Description

This Gift Hamper contains:

A finely woven brown Rattan Basket with two handles.
Size: H110mm D 150mm.

Four Teak Wood Coasters that have the most wonderful natural wood grain patterns. The coasters are not round, but have a natural shape and show the concentric lines in wood. The edges are sanded and they have a smooth feel.
Approximate size: D110mm W 12mm.

Two packets of Emporio Leone Biscuits. A packet of Venetian Cioccolatini 200g and a packet of Ricciarelli Almond Biscuits, or a similar product from the same supplier. Emporio Leone is an owner-run business in Cape Town, that specializes in Gourmet Goodies with an Italian influence. They use quality ingredients and pride themselves in providing food products that meet the highest standards.